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About me!
  • Vtuber: Plays Pokémon and Apex, streams drawing, Discord and Bot Developement.
  • Interests: 3D modeling, indie games, VGC and Showdown competitons, collaborative streams. console modding and homebrew developement. World building for my book, and poetry
  • Philosophy: Creating impact through design & collaboration. Beginner Cybersecurity Analyst, Robotics Enthusiast, 3D and Digital Artist.
  • Objective: Part/full-time employment in mechatronics, Cybersecurity, or Programing field, seeking co-op for advancing specialized skills.
  • Education: Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate.
  • Languages: English (Native), French (Intermediate High), Japanese (Beginner)
  •, coursera certs, highschool. the internet
  • Tech Skills: Bash, Powershell, Python, Java, C++, Lua 5.1 , Docker, DNS, SQL, Maria-DB, Suricata, VirusTotal, Google foo. and much more
  • Experience in Platforms: Linux, Windows.
  • Linux: Arch, Debian, Kali, Tails, Ubuntu, Ubuntu server (no gui) Raspian, Mint, Vanilla OS, Red hat enterprise linux version 9
  • Windows:7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
  • Additional Skills: Electrical wiring in robotics, 3D modeling (AutoDesk Fusion 360, Blender), Affinity Photo, Unity.
  • Work: Robotics, Programing, 3d modeling, Art
How to use this site.
  • The Shelves button has the page with all the books presorted by category.
  • The Books button brings you to the page with all the books
  • the search bar will search the whole site for things pertaining to your quiry
  • im not sure how to enable search bar in mobile mode.
  • when you want to go to the next or previous page of a book, scroll to the bottom of the page and click next page.
  • longer chapters or books have a chapter list on the side. with wider screens
  • in mobile mode click info to see info about a book or chapter selection. and it has quick links to parts of the page :D
  • maybe one day ill figure out how to add the swap to light mode or dark mode at will button or default dark mode. with what ive tinkered with the button appears to rely on cookies and default is still light mode after cookies expire
(im sorry default is light mode, there is a dark mode button for mobile users in the info tab)
i tried to make it work QwQ